The Good, the Bad and the Weak

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The last kings of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem: a lecture for Tisha B’Av

This lecture follows the dramatic events in Jerusalem at the end of the First Temple period. It tells the story of the last kings of Judah and discusses why the Temple was destroyed.

The story of the last kings of Judah is found tucked away among stones and inscriptions discovered in Assyria and Babylon.

The Kingdom of Judah, under the influence of Egypt to the south and pressure from Babylon to the north, is forced to make tough decisions. The prophets try to prevent the impending disaster, as the kings of Judah sway between false prophets and true ones, ministers and scribes, politics and morality.

The lecture is accompanied by an experiential presentation including short films and animations. It showcases the ancient sources and the stunning archaeological finds recently discovered in and around the City of David, and deepens your understanding of the Biblical saga.