The Hasmonean Wars in Jerusalem

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Lecture for Hanukkah

The lecture covers three time periods:

The background of the revolt, from the conquest by Alexander the Great to the rise of Antiochus IV. In this part you’ll learn how Greek culture entrenched itself in the Land of Israel and what impact it had on Jewish society in Second Temple–period Jerusalem.

The time of the revolt: This segment analyzes the factors that led to the revolt, as you virtually accompany the Hasmoneans to battlegrounds in and around Jerusalem.

The reconstruction of Jerusalem: Here you will become familiar with Hasmonean construction projects in Jerusalem and discover how and why Jerusalem was transformed from a Temple city into a cultural, spiritual and national center.

Hanukkah for Youngsters: The Story of Hanukkah in Dialogue and Games

An interactive lecture that uses games to tell the story of the Hasmonean kingdom, from the outbreak of the  revolt against the Greeks to the glory days of the Hasmonean royal house.

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