Women Make Their Mark – Lectures and Tours

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Women Make Their Mark: Lectures and Tours

Women Make Their Mark: a variety of lectures for Women’s Day

Ahead of Women’s Day, the Megalim Institute will visit your community to present a variety of experiential lectures.

Rachel’s Tomb over the Generations

Rachel, “the mother image of the Jewish people,” accompanied her children throughout history. Her tomb, standing beside the main road, has been a place of pilgrimage throughout the generations.

You’ll hear about events and transformations at and around Rachel’s Tomb over 1,700 years. We’ll introduce you to the world of memories, atmosphere, customs, poetry, prayers, the “Rachel’s Tomb Journals” and the hidden power of the keys.

Women as Trailblazers in the Old Yishuv

The lecture will introduce you to the hardships of daily life in 19th-century Jerusalem and showcase the women whose good deeds shaped the face of the city in those days.

Women of Jerusalem in the Stormy Pre-State Era

In this lecture you’ll learn the stories of women in Jerusalem in the pre-state era. Among them are a young woman who rescued her nephew after the bombing of Ben-Yehuda Street, the youngest female prisoner of war in the battles for Israel, the bride who received a personal gift from the mufti of Jerusalem, and more.

Women as Fighters in Jerusalem: Their Stories

This lecture follows in the footsteps of the battle for the Old City in 1948. You’ll hear about the young woman who struck fear into the Arabs, the young fighter who buried both her parents, the young woman whom the Arabs sought out after the surrender, and more.

The lecture is accompanied by a presentation and a variety of interpretive elements: poetry readings, pictures and film clips.