The materials presented here are part of Megalim’s wide-ranging educational project to enhance the experience of learning about ancient Jerusalem. Joint teams consisting of Megalim personnel and leading teachers of Bible, history and Land of Israel studies, overseen by national Education Ministry inspectors, have produced a toolbox for teachers with a large variety of dynamic teaching aids.

Teaching aids include:

  • Dynamic timelines
  • Orientation maps of Israel and the region
  • Important archaeological discoveries and the stories behind them
  • Virtual reconstructions of the armies of neighboring kingdoms and the culture of warfare in antiquity, ancient water systems and models of urban development in Jerusalem over the centuries
  • Three-dimensional pictures and simulations of dwellings, food vessels, fortifications, weapons, jewelry, burial, religious rites, etc.
  • Animations
  • Films
  • PowerPoint presentations

All rights to the above materials are reserved to the Megalim Institute; copying them is prohibited. For permission to use these materials, please contact: [email protected].

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